Tattoo Aftercare Products

Here at Copper Fox Tattoo Company we like to keep our aftercare simple yet effective.

Taking care of a new tattoo isn’t rocket surgery, as long as you follow our advice. In this post I will go over soaps and after care products.

When you get home remove the bandage from your new tattoo and wash with warm, soapy water. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Bronners Castile Soap , if you don’t have this use a mild non-scented soap. For years before I discovered Dr. Bronners I used Dial Antibacterial Soap to clean my fresh tattoos. When washing the tattoo use your hand and activate the soap until you clean all the plasma from the area. This is the most important  part of the caring of your new tattoo because any plasma left on the tattoo will coagulate and form a scab which can result in possible trauma to the tattoo while healing.




After you clean and rinse your tattoo thoroughly, pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel. You will want to allow your tattoo to air dry for around 30 minutes before applying your aftercare product. Choosing an aftercare product can be quite a task due to the abundance of products marketed specifically for tattoos. We used to carry and sell Ink fixx but I personally was not a fan of the smell or the waxy residue feeling it created. I use Aquaphor and have done so for 8 years, however I have pondered switching to a natural aftercare product. I will document my experiences in future posts so check back often for updates on the following products.

Image ImageImage


Once you have chosen your aftercare product apply a thin layer on the tattoo. I can not stress enough on using a minimal amount of aftercare product. A little goes a long way and you don’t want to suffocate the tattoo this will only complicate healing.

Once your tattoo heals you have more decisions to make into protecting your tattoo from the sun. Upon doing research I have realized just how many new companies have jumped on the tattoo bandwagon. I am not  as familiar on this as I would like to be, but something tells me there is no real difference from these products and the regular sunscreen market. Perhaps I will sample a few of these over the summer to see if there are noticeable differences such as fragrance, longevity, and application.


So I end this blog with an invitation to you, the reader, to share your experiences with after care products.


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